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Bonnie McFerrin ~ Texas 190 3/8 ~ Archery Whitetail
Bonnie McFerrin ~ Texas 190 3/8 ~ Archery Whitetail
Oct 4 2010
Bonnie was looking forward to hunting her home state of Texas this year due to the best Spring rain fall her area has seen in the last forty years....
Dave Bogart ~ Alberta ~ 158 2/8" Archery Mule Deer
Dave Bogart ~ Alberta ~ 158 2/8 Archery Mule Deer
Sep 16 2010
After a successful early season start in Montana, Dave Bogart and friend Justin Miller, made the long drive up to Alberta for his first spot and stalk mule deer hunt....
Mike McFerrin ~ Alberta ~ 187 7/8 " Archery Mule Deer
Mike McFerrin ~ Alberta ~ 187 7/8 Archery Mule Deer
Sep 14 2010
Mike was anxious to get back to Alberta for his fifth spot and stalk mule deer hunt with Eldon Hoff of Deer Lodge Outfitting. Last year he harvested a nice muley in Alberta for Season 1 of LOF....
Bonnie McFerrin's ~ Alberta ~ 162 3/8 Archery Mule Deer
Bonnie McFerrin ~ Alberta ~ 162 3/8 Archery Mule Deer
Sep 11 2010
In early September, Bonnie, Mike, and Mark flew into Alberta from Houston and met up with cameraman Harman Blanton for a week of mule deer hunting....
Montana ~ Archery Whitetail
Dave Bogart ~ Montana ~ 144 5/8" Archery Whitetail
Sep 8 2010
Ten days after returning home from his antelope hunt Legends member Dave Bogart was headed back to Cedar Breaks outfitting in Montana for a whitetail hunt. The amount of deer Dave was seeing from the stand was incredible....
Montana Archery Antelope
Montana ~ Big Sky Country ~ Archery Antelope
Aug 25 2010
Recently Legends member, David Bogart, headed to Montana for his first hunt of the year! David's wife, Kristin, joined him for her first ever big game hunt!...
Texas Long Beards!
Texas Long Beards!
Mar 27 2010
The Legends Clan spent some quality time down in Texas turkey hunting with Pete Crawford of Elite Archery. He put the smackdown on a couple longbeards with his bow!...
Mar 16 2010
This buck popped up on radar the summer of 2008 when a person hunting the neighboring property got photo of him in velvet. Later that year he showed up on one of my cameras on a food plot; he was never seen during the 2008 season. Then in the spring of 20...
Texas Ranger
Texas Ranger
Mar 15 2010
I named this buck " Texas Ranger" because we have trail cam pics of him all over the ranch. Apparently he likes to travel, and we've been shocked when we pull our trail cam cards and find the distance he ranges in short periods of time. This buck is defin...
Double Daggers
Double Daggers
Mar 11 2010
I named this buck "Double Daggers" because of the unique shape of his G-2's. I didn't have any encounters with "Daggers" this season, but I did manage to get several trail cam pics of him. It looks like he's a 7 X 5, but last season I had an encounter wit...
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